About Us

The Fantastic Neighborhood podcast is brought to you from the mouth holes of Fred and Jon, two dudes who stumbled upon some podcasting equipment when Fred got money back from his dentist, resulting from a botched root canal (true story).


Born in New York, raised wherever the winds (family) decided to take him, and now living back New York, Fred is an aspiring pro card game player/designer who spends his days in the interactive realm. He is loud, outspoken, and has a love of mangling the English language.

Favorite game -Probably Magic: the Gathering. I know that this is a mostly a video game site and that is not a video game but screw you if you dont like my answer. Fine you want a video game, let’s say Crazy Taxi.

Favorite console – Dreamcast.



Jon is from all over because he’s from a broken home. Sadface.

But on the real, he works as a user experience designer at an ad agency in New York, lives in Bushwick, Brooklyn (the fantastic neighborhood) with his lovely fiancee, and is a First Lieutenant in the Army National Guard. He also knows the difference between affect & effect, you’re & your, and there & they’re (& their).

Favorite game -Probably your mom. Ok, seriously, 32-bit and earlier it’s Lunar, modern era is either Mirror’s Edge or Mass Effect 2. But no, it’s probably just your mom.

Favorite console – Sega Saturn. Because I’m a glutton for punishment.