Pintastic Neighborhood


Welcome to the Fantastic Neighborhood non-collectible, limited edition based on how many we can afford to print, trade them if you want to pin hub page, PINTASTIC NEIGHBORHOOD. We said to ourselves, what would a gamer like more than anything else? Well the answer is obviously cloisonné pins in the shape of shitty pixel art. We did some research and found out that absolutely no one else who runs a gaming interest website is doing anything like this at all, so we thought it would be a disservice not to make them for our fans!

Below you will see every pin we have made so far, and as we make more we will post them below with instructions on how to get them.


Pintastic Fred

Limited to 500 or something like that. They may have given us extras.

Pin Number 1

How to get: Fred will literally hand you this in person at any convention he is at if you recognize him and ask for one while supplies last. Probably you should give him something in return though. Like the barter system. I learned about that in social studies class, it’s what the Native Americans did before we came over and murdered them all. They called it maize. Crazy right?

Pintastic Jon

Pin Number 2

How to get: Jon has not yet made a pin. I don’t think he loves you.