Let us play your music

Do you have a band? Are you awesome? Can we play your songs?

We are always looking for bumper music to play as transitions for the segments of our podcast. We also have no money to pay for music, so it’s pretty hard to get any for the show. So we want your songs to play on the show. Here is the deal:

If you send us your express permission to use your music or let us know that you have released your music under the Creative Commons Licence without the NonCommercial clause (cause we may or may not get sponsors one day) and we like it enough to want it in the show, we promise that we will give you full attribution to your work in the podcast notes, and we will add a link back to your website (or whatever personal web presence you maintain) that we will put in our music / “friends of the site” section on the site. However you want us to treat your tunes (Play the full song, just a clip, whatever) we will do it if you just let us play your music.

Listen you wanted to get radio play anyways (Wait, wait, wait… radio? What the hell, is that a thing anymore? Why am I mentioning radio on a PODCAST) so why not get some free play with us.

So want to give us free music? Just hit up the contact page and let us know.