Fantastic Neighborhood 26: Genconstraviganzasplosion

Jon is gone but never fear, we replaced him with Ed for an episode filled with board games and fueled by Johnnie Walker Blue Label. We only drink the good stuff around here.

Fred draws comparisons between Deus Ex and Axel Foley, Ed unviels his copy of newly kickstarted Zombiecide, and we talk about why you should not only care about Gencon, but why you should go. Bastion in Gameclub and it is incredible.


00:02:13 Consumption Junction
00:21:30 Newly named hype segment
00:31:16 Gencon and why you should care
00:55:33 Gameclub – Bastion
01:06:45 Outro
01:10:46 Dubstep party and outtakes


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