Fantastic Neighborhood 25: Steak Night

Alternate title: The Problem Solvers.

You guys, Fred plays Deus Ex, Jon plays a bunch of iPad games, especially Great Big Wargame. We’ve got steaks, we’ve got cigars, then we’ve got a Rise of the Triad remake. We get really deep talking about Dear Esther, then close it out with an extended community segment. See you in a few weeks! xoxo


0:00:00 Intro/Consumption Junction
0:38:30 Hype Boner-nanza
0:51:10 Game Club: Dear Esther
1:07:30 Community Segment/Outro
1:21:44 Dubstep/Outtake


Co-host of the show, video game archivist and historian, UI specialist, and name dropper. Jon Anderson is one of the founding members of Fantastic Neighborhood.