What I want from PAX South 2016

It’s fucking PAX South 2016. Here is what I fucking want from it.

  • I want to eat a fucking steak in Texas. Fucking DONE.
  • I want to discover some new fucking games that I did not expect to fucking be here.
  • I don’t want to fucking see a guy wearing a utilikilt, vaping in a fedora while riding a hoverboard unless the whole thing is on fucking fire.
  • I want to feel like this convention is going to be fucking better than last year.

Why do I feel this way? Because it’s Thursday before the show and after reading the schedule for the event I am apprehensive about it. There are not a lot of panels I care about. I do not know most of the games. The concerts are the same god damn shows I have seen at every PAX so far.

PAX South has yet to set up a unique identity for itself. East and Prime each have a specific feel to them, while in it’s second year South still feels like a derivative of the other conventions. On paper (or the guidebook app I guess,) South is starting to look a bit phoned in. There are no Magic events, there are very few convention exclusive Pinny Arcade pins, the concerts have no new acts. Some of the stalwart things we used to love about PAX like the exclusive Cards against Humanity cards, the Giant bomb panel being a big hoopla, the giant open gaming space, even the sheer number of panels all seem to be lacking in the South schedule.

Maybe I am being too worrisome, maybe it will all be fine and this will be the convention we remember. San Antonio is beautiful, the riverwalk is a site to see, the weather is fantastic, and we even shared a cab with some really nice convention goers and made friends. But I can get all that on any random trip to San Antonio. That is not why I am here. I am here for PAX. And do you know what I want?

I want my fucking PAX to kick ass.



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