The Fantastic Neighborhood January Holiday Special

No one wants the holidays to end, but what if they could last forever? Well they can’t you have to get back to work. But we can at least push them out a bit more. I mean if Christmas can start showing up when we are putting out the Jack O’lanterns I see no good reason why it cannot last until Valentines day. So join us would you, for a Very Merry Fantastic Neighborhood Holiday Special. In January.

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00:00:00 – Plotting, schemeing, and a quick trp to the pocket dimension
00:07:00 – Our yearly top 10’s with Alex O’Neill of Irrational Passions
01:02:54 – The Joy of Holiday Shopping
01:05:45 – Yearly Superlatives
01:50:50 – “Secret” Santa
01:53:53 – Learning about Fred with Outtakes.

DanyVin – Christmas Dubstep

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