Loot Crate Review – December 2015


What box did we get? Loot Crate “Galaxy” – December 2015
What is it? Loot Crate is a monthly themed subscription box that sends subscribers an assortment of toys and products. It is specifically for genre fans and often has exclusives.
What does it cost? From $17.95 to $19.95 monthly for the US, depending on your subscription level
Was this one worth it? Very much so, even though only for a few things.

This months Loot Crate was themed “Galaxy” which is Loot Crates fancy pants way of saying “We needed yet another word for our science fiction mailing that we have done multiple times already.” That being said it’s a strong package this month, and just in time for Christmas. It’s like getting a gift in the mail, except I paid for it and then gave it to myself!

BB-8 Socks (Value $8 via eBay or for similar ones at retail)


Maybe I am getting old but my spirits lift every single time I open a crate and it has branded socks. It’s fun and practical and the thing about socks is they wear out and then you need new ones anyway. There could literally be a pair of socks in every mailing and I think I would be happy with that.

Also, Star Wars, so yay. At least these are BB8 and not Emo Kylo Ren, which would just be a pair of straight black socks.

Exclusive Funko Pop Han Solo vinyl bobble-head (Value – Around $25 on eBay, likely to go up)


This was very much a Star Wars crate, let’s be honest how could it not be right now, so that the big item in the crate would be themed that way and that we would get two star wars things was not that surprising. Han is what I would like to call the Star Wars “safe pick” when it comes to characters they could have included. Even people who have Han on the bottom of the list of characters they like still rate him highly, and I think with the new characters it may have been hard to choose who gets the Loot Crate exclusive. Is it Finn? Rey? Emo Kylo Ren? Who knows who the world is going to fall in love with as the next movies come out. But it should have been Kylo Ren.

This is going to be a collectors thing like everything Star Wars is, so hold on to it. I also think it’s strange how many of these Funko pop figs we get, especially when you consider that they have their own subscription box service, with a one that is dedicated solely to Star Wars. Who is collecting these and who the hell has the space to store them?

Exclusive Halo 5 Ammo Tin (Value – Around $10 on eBay)


They can call this an “Ammo Tin” all they want, it’s a lunch box. And it’s a lunch box without a thermos so minus points for that, because it’s the perfect shape to fit a small thermos into it without having to lie it down. Boo bad planning. Boo.

So it is a lunch box that looks like it could hold weapons in it, designed to look like a weapon accessory, that you can give to your child and send them off to school with in this day and age that is in no way hyper aware of school violence. Do yourself a favor and just have them store things in it at home and avoid the drama. Probably makes a great place to store legos for the young ones, and a better place to put your stash for the slightly older ones.

Halo 5: Guardians Req Pack (Value – $1-2)



A few crates ago I got a Hearthstone code for one pack, which was a $2 value and I was very happy about it. This time not as much because I don’t think I’ll be playing Halo 5. The issue with a free microtrans, besides the fact that it’s typically only worth a buck or two, is that it typically is not enough to get you to play the game if you don’t play it already, which means it is basically of no value to you and not enough value to bother trying to move it on eBay. If it was exclusive content it would be a different story, but from my understanding in Halo 5 is this the equivalent of a card pack anyway. If this is not for you, just do what I did, hand this to someone you know who plays Halo 5 (you will know someone) and move on with your day.

Galaxy Quest Patch (Value – about $8)



As much as I love this movie, it is a strange item. Who is going to run around with this patch on from a movie that is a send up to a fan culture that would wear a patch like this? I think the day that I see Galaxy Quest cosplay is the day I know that irony has reached its full ouroboros, finally consuming itself for all time. Or maybe you like it, what the hell do I know.

Loot Crate Ugly Sweater T-Shirt (Value – $10)



Two wearable items in one crate? It’s like it’s Christmas or something! I would be lying to tell you I did not wear this shirt over the holiday with my family. The only real downside of this shirt is that it is only good two times a year, in December around Christmas, and in July when every single radio station that is still around does their wacky Christmas in July promotions. Still a nicely timed item that will get some practical wear.

So what is the real value of this box?

Combined Retail Value: ~$72-73

The value of this crate is very subjective, because most of its contents are exclusive items, which is preferable to junk I could buy in a store, but most of its price evaluation is coming from assumptions and eBay. Overall I really liked this mailing. Loot Crate has had better ones in this past but overall this put a smile on my face.

If this box interested you, I would recommend you join Loot Crate. And if you like getting free stuff in the mail, why don’t you drop us an email at letters@fantasticneighborhood.com with a question or comments or just say high along with your contact info, and we will be glad to send you some junk!

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