Loot Crate Review – November 2015


What box did we get? Loot Crate “Combat” – November 2015
What is it? Loot Crate is a monthly themed subscription box that sends subscribers an assortment of toys and products. It is specifically for genre fans and often has exclusives.
What does it cost? From $17.95 to $19.95 monthly for the US, depending on your subscription level
Was this one worth it? Average at best, may not be for everyone.

This months Loot Crate was themed “Combat” though I think the theme was a bit of a reach considering everything nerd has some sort of combat to it. The November crate also has the distinction of being the one closest to the holiday season so it is the perfect opportunity to get some re-giftable stocking stuffers.

Shredder Sunglasses (Value – Guesstimating $5)

Shredder_glassesOk this is cute but completely silly. If I see anyone over the age of 5 wearing these I will be forced to have words with them about the value of self respect. I would say this is good for a kid between 5 and 7 years old, but I also would need a time machine to give it to someone of that age when TMNT was relevant and popular.

Mockingjay Pin (Value – Around $10)

mockingjay_pinI am not a fan of The Hunger Games but I think I know some people who would like this, It’s a nice quality pin for what it’s worth. I am inclined to believe this would have been better off as the pin from the movie (which had a circle framing it) so you could use it for cosplay purposes, but since it’s a movie tie for the current film that was not going to happen. This is going to be for super fans only I think but it is likely an item you will have no issue re-gifting to someone you know.

Blizzard Cute but Deadly Vinyl Figure (Value – $10 blind package, substantially more if you get a rare)

murlock_figVinyl figs are usually hit or miss for me. It is hard to re-gift them since it’s a blind packed item and you would not want to give an open item. This set is all Blizzard, mostly WOW stuff, and this particular one has a Loot Crate Exclusive figure, the orange Murloc. I happened to get the green Murloc which is the figure I wanted, and it is listed as much rarer than most of the figs in the set.

This item has a high variance in price because of the collectors nature. The exclusive figure is going for a lot right now, more than the rarer green Murloc. You can easily pull well more than the value of this whole crate in one rare figure if you want to resell it, the green one I pulled is going for around $30 right now on ebay so it is a pretty good pull, I hope you have good luck in your pulls as well.

Blizzard Cute but Deadly Magnet sheet (Value – $5 based on current eBay average)


Chibi fridge magnets of Blizzard characters seems like a bit of a fan only item. I don’t particularly love the designs on these, I don’t think they translate greatly from the vinyl minis they represent, and I cannot imagine a use for the very tiny game logo ones which just seem like space filler. They are the kind of magnets that hold on more by stickiness than magnetism as well, so besides using for of them on each corner of a “Greeting from Azeroth” postcard (I assume this is a thing because why not) gift these to a fan and move on.

Fallout Vaultboy Bobblehead (Value – $15 for similar figs on Bethesda store)


I would think this is the big item of the crate, but I guess that could also be argued for the Blizzard fig. I hate when these crates come with two figures because it’s just more desktop filler that potentially is robbing me of a shirt or something I will get real use of out.

This is a nice item for a Fallout fan, and you should not have to look very far to find one of those, so it is either an easy keep or easy re-gift.

Street Fighter Comic (Value – $3-4 for comics now days)


Garbage, who cares. Toss it.

So what was the value of this box?

Combined Retail Value: ~$48-49*

See that big asterisk next to the value? That is because it is a really high variance crate. I personally do not think this is a very good crate but if you’re a gambling person you may come up well ahead because of the vinyl fig. I imagine there are some who would love some of this so to each there own, but for me this month is a bit of a near miss.

If this box interested you, I would recommend you join Loot Crate. And if you like getting free stuff in the mail, why don’t you drop us an email at letters@fantasticneighborhood.com with a question or comments or just say high along with your contact info, and we will be glad to send you some junk!

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