Kickstarter Roundup: Lasers, Razors, and Comics

Do you ever just look at money and think “WHY ARE YOU JUST SITTING THERE? BE SOMETHING ELSE?” I know I do. Well once again you can convert that money into dreams. Other peoples dreams. Mostly products for you.

The “Streamers Best Friend” title

Ends Nov 1st

I first saw this doohickey at PAX earlier this year and I knew it had potential. A stand alone box that can take different HDMI inputs and allow you to make multi-screen recordings with minimal to no fuss or overhead. Using an app as your control center you can set up a a multi-input broadcast with full control over placement, audio, and live layout changes without showing your stream the controls to manipulate it.

I know some of you more endeavoring streamers are going to look at this and ask why do I need this when I have a software solution that does the same? The answer is that Skreens does the video processing for you in what they promise to be a lag free experience. So running multiple devices at once will not rely on your processor or having multiple programs eating up your ram, leaving those cycles free for game play. That also assumes your using a PC, and the device is just as capable of adding the multi screen functionality to your gaming consoles as well, anything with an HDMI.

The project is already funded, so only good can come out of more money and potential stretch goals for this. The only real downside is that it is not a cheap device, and for a serious streamer only the 4 port pro version is really going to be worth your time. $450 is still pretty steep but then again, if your serious about your streaming you know you have to spend money to make money, and this can easily give you a more professional looking batch of content. That is assuming your not just screaming into a head set, and now that I think of it most of you are. Also, wear something nice if you are streaming. No one wants to see that pasta sauce stain on your wife beater while you play Call of Duty.

Skreens WebsiteKicktraq | Support the project

The “Remember When Comics Looked Like This” title

Battle Chasers: Nightwar
Ends Oct 10th

Battle Chasers was a pretty important comic book to a great many people. Comics in the 90’s were going though a bit of a renaissance, moving away from the big two pubs with a strong push towards indies and artist control, and we got some really great stuff out of it like Transmetropolitan, Bone, and Scud: The Disposable Assassin. We also got perpetual comic book industry punching bag Rob Liefeld. How he still works in the industry is beyond the pale at this point. Well Battle Chasers artist and writer Joe Madureira is kinda like a version of Rob with real talent.

Joe’s art style is uniquely and undeniably his, and has been copied by many an aspiring comic artist over the years. He has a real penchant for exaggerated features and clunky peripherals, but they work. If your not familiar with Battle Chasers, but this art looks familiar to you, then it may very well be because you played one of the Darksiders titles where Joe was the creative director.

This Kickstarter is a huge deal to any fan of the comic, because the series never wrapped up and instead ended in a cliffhanger at issue 9. Not only are they going to be finishing the comic series with this funding, but they are also going to produce what I think happens to be a pretty sweet looking JRPG. Set in the world of the comic, Battle Chasers: Nightwar promises to be a story driven game following the big players from the comic thought the fantasy world Joe has created, with a unique and tactical combat system. It looks very much like it took some visual inspirations from oh-so-colorful title Torchlight, and the animation for the cut scenes looks to be studio quality. The GIFS on the Kickstarer page speak more to this than my words will.

Rewards tiers are all over the place but there is sure to be one that fits your needs. If you have $10k lying around from your hedge fund you can help Joe design some in game assets, but I think most of us will land on the $30 dollar copy of the game. They are aiming to release the on PC, Mac, and the consoles, and comic rewards are digital. There are also some teeshirts to be had if you feel feisty.

I am emphatically recommending this one. More for the comic than the game to be blunt, but everything looks really great so far.

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The “This Cannot be Real” title

The SCARP Laser Razor
Ends Oct 19th

I have never wanted a thing to be more real than this. Big thanks to Ed for the tip on this one.

It is a razor. But it’s not a razor because it using FUCKING BEAMS OF GOD DAMN LIGHT TO CUT YOUR HAIR. This is some scifi shit right here. No, scratch that, this is beyond that. Remember on Star Trek: TNG when Ryker went all clean shaved and Data was confused? I am pretty sure they did not even have this technology then.

It is a green product, it has a cool design, and it is practical with some pretty cool science behind it. It uses a lightwave that only affects hair based on the chromophores in your hair , so you cannot cut yourself with it. It is going to make cleaning up your, AHEM, more sensitive areas much less of a life or death situation as well. But also none of that really matters because it is a GOD DAMNED LASER YOU SHAVE YOUR HAIR WITH. Like Superman.

The reward tiers are the “razor”, because you dont need a god damn tee shirt when you have a super science razor heading your way. Make this shit happen society, before Gillette sweeps in and steals the patent.

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There you go, this is all you need. If you have any money left over after these 3 projects then you didn’t support them enough. We will probably review these when they come out, so you should probably listen to our podcast and learn more about space razors.


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