Loot Crate Review – June 2015


What box did we get? Loot Crate “CYBER” – June 2015
What is it? Loot Crate is a monthly themed subscription box that sends subscribers an assortment of toys and products. It is specifically for genre fans and often has exclusives.
What does it cost? From $17.95 to $19.95 monthly for the US, depending on your subscription level
Was this one worth it? Yes, this was a good’un

This months Loot Crate was themed “Cyber” and even though a lot of it was tied into to the upcoming, terrible looking Terminator movie, most of the items were just generic Terminator enough that it does not matter.

Prime Tron Shirt (Value – $10-15)


The Tron logo mashup has been done to death. I have seen Mega Man Tron, Samus Tron, Mario, Voltron, and Poke-Tron. But I have to admit that since I love the transformers, I really love this stupid shirt. I think it works because it also looks like the cover to the Transformers 1986 animated movie, but since no one wants shirt with Ultra Magnus on it, they obviously went with Prime on this one. Though you make a shirt with Robert Stack on it doing the Tron thing, I am all over it.

The value is approximate because there are any number of variations of this shirt you can buy from various sources, and I mean a tee is a tee.

Tyrell Company logo patch (Value – Aprox. $5)


It was not instantly obvious to me what this was because it is such a small detail from a very detailed movie, but this is the logo of the Tyrell company from Blade Runner. While that is neato, it is also a patch. What the hell would I do with this?

I imagine that at some point in my life I will be at a convention like Gencon or PAX, walking down a corridor to get to the gaming area, and will see someone with this patch on his tattered denim jacket. That jacked is likely to have many patches on it, and even more likely to have the sleeves cut off with a black, faded hoodie under it. The patches will range from the faction emblem of Cygnar of the Iron Kingdoms that he wears on his chest all the way down to the N7 patch on his arm.

As the man wearing this vest jacket walks by me in the hallway, he will brush his long dirty hair out of the way to move his vape pen closer to his mouth. you get the scent of cherry, with just a hint of what is either root beer or a Christmas tree. His military surplus paratrooper boots look disheveled with the laces undone like that, and they don’t match well with his desert cammo Utilikilt or his jungle cammo camelback.

As you pass him you try not to make eye contact and you just repeat to yourself over and over again “There but for the grace of God go I, thank goodness I got rid of that patch.”

Exclusive Half Scale Terminator Skull (Value – $12 based on current eBay average)



The first of our Terminator themed items in this months crate is a replica Terminator T-800 Skull. It does not do anything except be a rad painted Terminator skull, and I think that is all I want it to do. Great desk toy, totally keeping it, but will totally hide the box because I want people to think this is T-2 skull, not any of the recent movies.

Terminator Brain Chip Keychain (Value – $8 based on current eBay average)


I am not really in the market for a key chain since I got my keysmart so I cannot see myself using this ever, but its pretty cool, no sharp edges, and it weights like a solid few ounces because it is pure metal, which may or may not be a selling point for you. Gift box item, but a cool one.

Official Borderlands 2 Zero Mouse pad (Value – $10 based on current eBay average)



I cannot for the life of me figure out why this mouse pad is so large. It was large enough to have to be folded to be put into the extra large box this months crate came in. It is without exaggeration the size of 2 of my current mouse pads side by side. If it was any larger I would use it as a playmat for magic.

It is a cool mousepad though, and it’s borderlands so I imagine if you don’t want it it will be easy to find someone who does. I would use it myself, but I cannot, because, and I cannot overstate this enough, it is a really big mousepad.

Cyber Glow in the dark Gadget case (Value – $5 based on current eBay average)



The mailing called this a gadget pouch and that is a god damn lie, because no one puts gadgets into pouches. This is a pencil case, as in the type you put your school supplies in. Treat it as such and I am sure it will treat you well. This one is not for me, even though it glows in the dark, just because who the hell uses pencils past the age of 12 at this point? Gift box item for sure.

Cylon Targets (Value – Guessing like $2)



It’s a Cylon with a target on it’s face for you to shoot Nerf darts at. It is packaged nicely and all that but it’s a total toss in item. Tape it to a wall and have fun.

NerdHQ Stickers (Value – Guessing like $1)



Stickers, but also promotional items for a convention. I really hate nerd branding more and more every day guys. Toss in item, use it or burn it cause your not reselling them.

So what was the value of this box?

Combined Retail Value: ~$52-57

This crate was not the easiest to evaluate, since most of the items are unique and not purchasable elsewhere. I did like this box more than most, and I’ll get a lot of use out of the shirt. I think for some people the mouse pad really sold this crate.

If this box interested you, I would recommend you join Loot Crate. And if you like getting free stuff in the mail, why don’t you drop us an email at letters@fantasticneighborhood.com with a question or comments or just say high along with your contact info, and we will be glad to send you some junk!

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