Fantastic Neighborhood Episode 9: PAXisode

Oh man, where to start with this one. This was recorded at PAX East. Sometimes soberly, sometimes not. We talk about a ton of stuff. Too much to list, really. Stay tuned after the outtakes for some of Fred’s show floor dispatches, and come back next week for the conclusion of the Mirror’s Edge Game Club.

Regular hosts Fred and Jon are joined by friends of the show Eddie and Chris.


  • Dropkick Murphys – “Shipping up to Boston”
  • Get Up Kids – “Mass Pike (Live)”
  • Mighty Mighty Bosstones – “The Impression That I Get”
  • Boston – “More than a Feeling”
  • Vampire Weekend – “Boston (Ladies of Cambridge)”
  • Magnetic Man – “Anthemic”
  • NOFX – “The Longest Line”
  • Fugazi – “Waiting Room”

0:00:00 Welcome to the Shitshow
0:09:35 Welcome our Special Guest
0:25:00 Knock, Knock – Room Service
0:46:00 Drunkcast ’99
1:11:40 Hangover
1:21:40 Outtake Dubstep Party
1:35:41 Our Man on the Floor, Fred Ehrhart




Co-host of the show, video game archivist and historian, UI specialist, and name dropper. Jon Anderson is one of the founding members of Fantastic Neighborhood.