Loot Crate Review – Feb 2015


What box did we get? Loot Crate “Play” – February 2015
What is it? Loot Crate is a monthly themed subscription box that sends subscribers an assortment of toys and products. It is specifically for genre fans and often has exclusives.
What does it cost? From $17.95 to $19.95 monthly for the US, depending on your subscription level
Was this one worth it? Maybe

This months Loot Crate was themed “Play” and had a game theme, which is right up my alley. Unfortunately I am not sure it delivered it’s promised value this month since I already had at least one of the items, but I think this is pretty subjective so you’ll have to decide for yourself. I should also mention that the box was designed as a simple board game, with punch out pieces in the magazine and a rulebook, which is a cute novelty that most people will likely not use more than once.

Lets go over it’s contents.

Exclusive Superfight Loot Crate Deck (Value – Aprox. $15)


Superfight is a party game, ala Cards against Humanity or Apples to Apples, but seems to be very much themed towards the genre crowd so it may be of limited interest to some people. Since this is a limited edition deck that only came in the crate, it may have value to collectors and players who want to add it to their games, so I would hold on to it even if you do not plan on using them. I valued it out at $15 because other 100 card decks from the company cost that, even if you can’t buy this one.

Exclusive Munny Figure (Value – Aprox. $15)


Ok lets get one thing straight, Kid Robot Toys are really costly and honestly overpriced, so the value assigned to this to is basically just a guess on what a similar thing retails for. I would probably not ever pay that myself, but since this was include I think I can enjoy it. I don’t think you can just buy this set, which is why it is an exclusive, but it should fall somewhere in that price range I assigned it all the same. The nice thing about this is it comes with its own markers, so you’re good to go out of the box. Since the only thing that is exclusive about this figure is its packaging I doubt it will ever have a resale value, so start drawing away.

Ready Player One (Value – $8.64 on Amazon)


We read this one in game club about a year ago on the podcast, so if your interested in reading it you may want to save yourself the trouble and listen to our review of it. I don’t want to say its a bad book, but we found it a little too referential and pandering. Still, it seems to be one of the more important pieces of video game literature so you may want to read it all the same if you have not to keep up with the culture. Thought I would also just recommend you reading Extra Lives: Why Video Games Matter first.

We will call this one a wash even though I have a copy of it. I think likely this will be a stocking stuffer come Christmas.

HEXBUG Ant (Value – $10ish if you want to shop around)


I am a grown adult, it I want a bug with a vibrator in it I can go to the sex shops in the village and buy an actual bug vibrator that is also waterproof with a bunch of settings. This has no value to me, going into the give away pile.

Firefly Online Game Code (Value – Probably $0)


This is a download code for a ship in a game that is not out yet, and it looks like its not even unique so everyone will have it. I also assume the game will be a microtrans based game. I like Firefly, not that much. Pass.

Rock paper Scissor Dice (Value – $1 plenty of variant RPS dice available online)


Cute, and I will get some use out of them, but they are novelty at best and you can get variants of these pretty cheap. They were included so you could play the game the box turns into which is good thinking, but I think I would rather have had either nicer standard dice or something with more interesting utility.

Pacman Poster (Value – Who cares)


A small rolled poster in a cardboard tube. They have at least gotten better at packaging these but ultimately who cares if it’s just a sorta crappy print out. Garbage bin bound.

So what was the value of this box?

Combined Retail Value: ~$49.64

Ultimately I will not use most of this box, and the 18 dollars I paid for it would probably be better spent. That being said I am confident that the Super Fight deck will be worth more unopened on eBay than the box cost me and will probably beat inflation, so I am ok with this box just because I can get my money back on it.

If this box interested you, I would recommend you join Loot Crate, because most of the mailings we have had in the past have been much better than this one.

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