Kickstarter Roundup: Drifting Roadkill

New Year, New things to back. So where should you put your money this year? Here are some of our picks.

The “Jon Anderson ” title

Drift Stage
Ends Feb 8th

If you are Jon Anderson, and if you are reading this there is a very strong chance you are, then this is a game that was ripped right from your unconscious and made manifest to prove that all is right with the world. If you are not Jon Anderson, congratulations, but you probably need a little more back story on this title. Drift Stage is a racing title that seeks to recapture a lost era in racing games, where realism and licensed cars took a back seat to the game being fun to play.

Taking gameplay inspiration from racing games of a few generations ago like Datona USA (remember that theme song? DAY-TO-NAAAA!) and Ridge Racer and combining them with a (probably) faux 256 style color pallet, the game looks like it would be at home on your PS1 and Dreamcast, or your Commodore 64. The game eschews a lot of the modern day conventions racing games have adopted like min-max customization and the focus on a career mode/lifestyle simulator in favor of tight gameplay, forcing players to compete with driving skill and not who’s earned the most credits to buy a better can of Nitro or whatever the hell cars use. I don’t know I don’t drive.

The demo of the title is already available and already getting good reviews, so you don’t just have to take our word for it, you can try it before you back it. You can also listen to the soundtrack on soundcloud, and should because it’s 1980’s-a-riffic.

Backer rewards are a little shallow, with the highest level tier of an in-game billboard already being sold out, but the typical Tee shirt tier is still available, as well as one with a set of vinyl stickers. Every tier seems to come with the game, which is good cause really, that is what you want. Hopefully due to the success of this title so far we see some stretch goals, including hopefully the possibility to bring this to consoles, mobile, and handhelds.

Drift Stage WebsiteKicktraq | Support the project


The “Maybe You Just Don’t Get It” title

Where They Cremate The Roadkill
Ends Feb 13th

Remember that time when you took those unlabeled pills from that guy wearing the parka and cowboy hat who called himself “The Chief?” Of course you don’t remember, but do you remember when you recovered three days later? How you had that notebook that you still can’t figure out that had a bunch of hand drawn, colored pencil hieroglyphics in it, with the stains of three tears and a single drop of blood on the cover? Well now you can relive that moment over and over again, in video game form.

Look, I don’t want to pretend like I know whats going on here. This is a title that is not going to appeal to everyone, as it may just be too abstract or artsy. Like, I guess you live in a tarot deck or on the back of a giant turtle or something. Most of the art has like a Bill Plympton or Terry Gilliam look to it. Something about the devil. I am positive there are crystals and leylines involved at some point.

If all this is making no sense to you then you may want to turn around at this point and ignore what I am writing. If this does appeal to you however, you probably backed this title before finishing this article. You probably also live in Sedona.

I guess this is a platformer or something? The devs bill this as an “exploration based action RPG” as well as being a “Treelike open world” which can mean any number of things.

Rewards tiers are pretty robust including some tarot cards you can print up, personalization within the game, and original art pieces by the games artists including figures and a water color painting which I would be proud to hang on my wall. It is also very early on in the projects life so plenty of time for them to exceed expectations and potentially offer more.

Deviant Art PageKicktraq | Support the project


The “Why Didn’t I think of that” title

The Foot Hammock
Ends Feb 8th

I don’t have to write much about this do I? It’s a hammock. For your feet. YOUR FEET. You want this. You need this. Go fund this.

Let’s not lie either, this is just a preorder. The thing is funded and probably would be made regardless, so just buy it. Its $30 for a nice fleece foot holder. Don’t you like your feet? Your feet like you.

The hat tip to friend of the show Ed on finding this one.

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And with that we have spent enough money. Oh and if you are here because of this article and are not familiar with our work, you should probably listen to our podcast. Our end of the year show was pretty good this year.


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