And just in time for PAX East…Convention Cosplay Bingo

It’s convention cosplay bingo! The game is simple and fun to play if you’re looking for a good time-sink while you hit the floor. And it works for more than just PAX; you can use this card at almost any con, including, but not limited to Gencon, Dragoncon, Comiccon, anywhere cosplayers gathers.

The rules are super simple:

All you have to do is print out the bingo card below for you and all your friends. As you wander the convention and find things on your card, snap a photo on your camera phone (I discourage Instagram as you’re going to need unedited photos later, also it’s douchey) and mark off the box. At the end of the convention you and your friends compare cards to determine a winner, using the photos as proof that you got the box:

  • If one player has marked off every box, he’s the winner.
  • If more than one player marked off every box, the other players vote on each photo. Best photo (per box) gets a point, player with the most points wins.
  • If no one has marked off every box, you play for points:
    • A single Line (row or column) is worth 5 points
    • Getting all 4 corners is worth 5 points if the user did not have any diagonal lines
    • Diagonal lines are worth 5 Points each unless the user scores the X
    • An X (both diagonals) is worth 15 points

In the case of a tie, everyone votes on the photos. It is as simple as that. We would love to see your results, so post your completed cards and pictures to our Facebook timeline, or in the comments. And most importantly, have a fun time at the con!


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