A Fantastic Christmas Heist

It’s the holiday season once again, and this year we are not taking it lightly. Some criminal activities, some very special guests, our awards this year, GOTYs, a nice cup of hot coco, and more await you in this years Fantastic Neighborhood Holiday special!

This episode is in part a joint episode with our friends over at Irrational Passions so make sure to check out all their great holiday content as well!

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00:00:00 – Odd Job
00:05:44 – 2014 Awards
00:46:05 – The Plan
00:49:22 – 2014 GOTY’s with Alex O’Niell
01:52:00 – It happened again
01:54:20 – 2014 Thanks Yous
01:58:34 – Just one more thing

Music used under Creative Commons licence
Substrate – The Funky Father Christmas
Mr Amenbreak – Deadliest Assasin (DNB)
– Deviation – Carol of the Bells


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