Kickstarter Roundup: Fourth Quarter 2014

As is the tradition of the site, we are going to resurrect this article series we have not done in months and pretend like nothing happened. It’s time to start some kicks.

The “Not So Complex Fireball” title

Pocket Rumble
Ends Dec 9th

Neo-Geo Pocket was a system that many of us hold in high regard because of its fighting titles. Not only did they deliver high quality fighting game play to us on a handheld long before any of the other available systems figured it out, their hyper deformed style was unique and endearing.

Pocket Rumble seeks to capture that period in handheld gaming and make a new title for it. Replete with Chibi pixel art fighters in all their 4 color glory and a new intuitive combat system that looks to remove the complexity from execution and enable the user to fight with tactics over finger accuracy, this title seems to be a unique entry worth your attention.

The pros of this project include the developers wanting to stay faithful to the genre, the number of characters in this game, including some very special guest stars, and the unique control system which seems to be a good idea for this type of game.

The big cons though is the fact that unless they hit 40k this game will be for steam only, which is not by any stretch of the imagination the platform you want to play this on. This is also the project second time around as it did not reach its funding goals the first.

The game is however well on its way to being funded, and the more people who do fund it the better the odds of us getting the PSP and 3DS versions we need to have (did I mention they are making an actual Neo Geo Pocket Color version for backers?)

Reward tiers are a little lacking right now as there is just not enough variety, plus the delta between them is pretty vast. At the low tiers users can expect copies of the game, tee shirts, name in the credits and the usual suspects for a kickstarted game, some of the higher tiers include some design credit in designing the boss battles.

If you long for some of the Neo Geo Pocket titles of yesteryear, I would not sit on this one, as the more people who back it the more likely you are to see it reach some of the stretch goals it really needs to.

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The “What is Game” title

Video Essays by Innuendo Studios
Ends Dec 12th

This is a strange one, even for us. Do you remember the Internet fame video “This is Phil Fish?” If you have not watched it yet, you really should. Well the creator of this video is a guy named Ian Danskin. As you can see by his Kickstarter video, Ian has a lot of words that he wants to use, in rapid succession, and the best place for him to use them is in the videos he wants to create studying internet culture. And he needs some help to make them because college ain’t cheap.

Some of his future video topics really feel near and dear to the shows collective heart, including a deep discussion of Kenny from The Walking Dead, the economics of indie game development, and the always popular discussion of what is a game.

Ian has also done some other cool work including a video for show favorite Math The Band which you can see on his portfolio site.

This project also has some really great reward tiers including the somewhat mundane early access to videos and behind the scenes access, to the interesting self portrait drawn by Amanda Watkins (I don’t know who this is) of you impaled on a spike, to the absurd delivery of a vegan cheesecake.

Innuendo studios Website | Kicktraq | Support the project


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