Fantastic Neighborhood 103 – Eurotrash Simulator

Jon is ready to put on his tight, designer jeans, silk shirt with the top button undone, and messy styled hair and drive as fast as he can to some outdoor EDM festivals. How can Fred outclass that, by beating Battletoads that’s how.

In Game Club we discuss what it is to be alive with The Fall. We still are not sure.

We also bring back community with some Questions from Harold™

Oh, we are also running a contest where you can win the Indie Mega Booth Solid Gold Collection on Steam. Check out the contest page for more info!

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– Savant – Megaboy
Adventure Club – Fade (Ft. Zak Waters)

0:00:00 – Fred’s Bathroom
0:00:57 – Awards won, Cars driven, Destinies ignored, Battletoads destroyed
0:43:00 – Gameclub: Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons
1:07:45 – Questions from Harold


Linguist, Archeologist, Musical Savant, Robot, Asshat. Only one of these apply to this guy. The host of the show, who also sometimes writes and makes videos!