Fantastic Neighborhood 102 – High Fantasy Garbage

Jon is normally pretty even-keeled when it comes to games. Not today. Today his ire is up, and that ire is Destiny.

It’s not all screaming and flailing arms though, Jon plays what he thinks may be the best racing title of all time in Forza Horizon 2, or at least the Demo of the best racing title ever.

In Game Club we discuss what it is to be alive with The Fall. We still are not sure.

We also bring back community with some Questions from Harold™

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– Savant – Megaboy
– Shounen and Omekkron – 8-bit Dominator

0:00:00 – Feelings
0:00:50 – A discussion about High Fantasty Garbage
0:42:05 – Gameclub: The Fall
1:01:55 – Questions from Harold


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