Spotify Playlists for all Seven Forza Horizon 2 Radio Stations

Playground Games, developers of Forza Horizon 2, have again partnered with BBC Radio DJ Rob da Bank’s to assemble the radio stations that comprise the soundtrack for the game’s southern European music and racing festival. The seven stations (up from three in the original Forza Horizon) should cover most tastes, provided your tastes skew towards EDM, indie pop, or classical. Yup, two and a half hours of the hottest classical music hits. I’ve gone ahead and done you the massive favor of assembling this list of songs into Spotify playslists. I think there may be a couple typos or incorrect listings, and not all the songs or remixes are available on Spotify, but I’ll do my best to keep these updated. Oh, and if you want all seven stations (and nine hours of music) on one playlist, I’ve got that, too.

If you’re all about fast cars and music festivals, boy do I have the podcast for you.

Horizon Bass Arena Link

This station is exactly what the Horizon Festivals are all about. Here are your dancefloor anthems and EDM bangers. I dare you to not pin the needle when the bass drops. Just remember kids, don’t pop Molly if your’re driving fast cars (or slow ones, for that matter). I am about that life.

Hospital Records Radio Link

When you finish up with the radio-friendly kid stuff, turn the dial to a station comprised of acts from iconic Drum & Bass label, Hospital Records. Personal favorites include Etherwood, Camo & Krooked, and Keeno.

Horizon Pulse Link

A nice mix of tempos, but seriously, who isn’t completely sick of Chromeo’s “Jealous (I Ain’t With It)” at this point? Yet that CHVRCHES song is definitely not wearing out its welcome.

Innovative Leisure Radio Link

Before putting these playlists together, I’d only heard of a couple of these artists, but now I’ve had this playlist on loop. Some downtempo, funky, chill stuff mixed in with some indie rock.

Ninja Tune Radio Link

This is mostly indie rock and hip-hop, I guess? And that “How You Like Me Now?” song. Wasn’t that in Borderlands?

Radio Levante Link

Forza Horizon 2 has a pretty fantastic collection of well known classical music. Let’s get ill.

Horizon XS Link

Boring music for white people, aka “Alternative Rock.” What does “Alternative Rock” even mean anymore? Yo, that Pixies song is good, tho.

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