Fantastic Neighborhood 99 – Jolly Rancher Connoisseur

We all know which Jolly Rancher is better.

We fight some space wizards this week in the Destiny Beta, Alpha edition, Gamma release. Fred uses his very expensive gaming computer to play a free to play card game in Hearthstone. We argue about if the choices we were given were enough in The Wolf Among Us, and we watch a slew of movies.

In game club we watch GTFO, a Kickstarter movie we backed about women in gaming.

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Savant – Megaboy
Au5 – Follow You (feat. Danyka Nadeau) (VIP Mix)

0:00:00 – Jolly Rancher Debate
0:01:28 – The intro, the show, the ugly
0:48:00 – Gameclub: GTFO
0:53:53 – Outro

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