Fantastic Neighborhood Gaiden Episode 14: The Future of Games Journalism

Listen up ya mooks. This here post is normally done by that Fred guy, but this time I took over. Who am I? I’m Scoops Malroonie, Future Games Reporter and I don’t care for your tone.

See, I figured you could handle the truth, so I’m here ta gives it to ya. The future of games journalism is up for grabs, see. It’s a blank piece a’ paper and I intend on bein’ the pen that writes it. So we went to the source. In this episode of this here podcast I talk to Alex from Irrational Passions, a fellow journalist like myself. We talks about what can be, what needs ta be, and what it looks like the future of games journalism holds. It’s not for the faint a heart yea hear? Kinda talk that makes sailors mad and dames faint, but you can take it right kid? That’s what I thought.

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