Fantastic Neighborhood 95 – En Garde!

I want to talk about what we did this week here, but first let me thrust right into some important points. I will not have our love of fencing be foiled by our dissenters attempts to parry the topic into something else. I will use my rapier wit to take their insults and riposte them right back to them, until the only thing they can say is Touché. So let’s Allez!

Fencing puns. Amirite? This week Wolfenstein: The New Order is good, Watchdogs is we don’t care because DLC, and Transistor is promising. In gameclub we play Nidhogg, and you can check out a video of us playing on the YouTubes!

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– Savant – Megaboy
– The Hypnophonics – Scream
– Star Fucking Hipsters  – Immigrants & Hypocrites
– Knife Party – Bonfire

0:00:52 – Intro(s) and things
0:45:24 – Gameclub: Nidhogg
0:56:02 – Outro

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