Kickstarter Roundup: Amped up and Super Hot

It has been a while since we did one of these, but there are some titles you need to be backing, so read up!



Ends June 14th

Ok before we even speak about what this game is, I want to share with you a quote from this article which is now my favorite quote from any Kickstarter ever. You can find it under the Risks and Challenges section.

The costs of living in Poland are relatively low, so meeting our goal should give us enough money to complete the game without the need for additional financial support. Our primary goal is to deliver a great, unforgettable game.

I know that kickstarter is filled with many lofty goals and dreamers who think that they just need a little push to get where they need to be. But I believe these guys are telling the truth. Why? Because the demo (PLAY IT) they already offer of the game was good enough that I would play a full version of it.

The game is a FPS with a unique bullet time mechanic where the whole world moves with you. Start running or gunning, the game is moving at the same pace you are. Stand still to aim a shot and suddenly you are in the Matrix. I know that first person shooters with bullet time is nothing new, but to make it the backbone of the game is, and it changes everything. The fights in the demo become combat puzzles, where you are maliciously planning your moves, weaving through bullets, and trying to pop off a few rounds. Also at some point in the game, if you believe the animated gifs, you start slicing up bullets with a sword. Sword Bullet Time®.

Rewards all include the game, and some of the higher levels include teeshirts, your name in the credits, posters and other swag. The elite levels of backing also have you getting involved in game design, including designing arena levels.

Superhot Website | Kicktraq | Support the project


The “Amped up” title

Ends May 23rd

I’m not even sure what to say about this Kickstarter. I didn’t even want to write about it in honesty but all the other Kickstarters I was thinking about are about to end so no point in writing about them now, and this one is kinda a big deal. So what is this project? It is not some scrappy upstart indie devs hanging out in a basement just trying to get scratch capital to make a game, it’s not some game with a really new mechanic that probably wouldn’t fly in a Triple A title, what it is is Harmonix making a music game and they want your preorder.

I am genuinely surprised this project has not hit its goal yet. FreQuency and Amplitude are cult classic titles that make other cult classic titles upset at their lack of cultiness. Like if other titles are the goth kids in your highschool Amplitude is Scientology (here comes the lawyers!)

The real claim to fame for this game was the music. This rebirth of the title will have an all new soundtrack of electronica which I am sure will be great, because if I trust one game company with music it would be the one built on it. They also promise the game will be “Dark Souls levels of hard” but accessible to everyone, which I guess means there will be a difficulty select at the beginning of the game?

Rewards are pretty good, including the game itself, backer tee shirts, posters, art books, exclusive DLC, etc. The big stuff includes trips to PAX to attend a launch party, a few items that would have you travel to Harmonix HQ to beta test and party I guess, and there is also a helicopter ride in the mix somewhere in the elite tier.

I think this title will hit it’s goal. I also happen to think that they will probably publish it regardless of if they get to that goal on Kickstarter. But if this is something you would buy anyways, you really ought kickstart it and make it happen to get some free swag.

Harmonix Website | Kicktraq | Support the project

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