The Official Fantastic Neighborhood Unofficial PAX East Fun Run Meet Up

Like this, but outside.

Like this, but outside.

Listen up kids, I know nerds and fitness don’t really have a reputation for being compatible, but I have a Saturday morning tradition at PAX of going for a run. I’m floating the idea of making this a little bigger (than just me) and doing a nice little four mile jog around Boston in the company of complete strangers from the internet. Nothing crazy folks, a nice 9 to 10 minute pace, or whatever you can do.

And I’m not saying celebrities are involved, but what if Suda 51 and Felicia Day show up (they won’t)?

Anyway, be at Eastport Park (at the end of D street) at 10 AM on Saturday, April 7. It is entirely possible that no one shows up, but everyone that finishes the jog will be entered to win a $10 Amazon gift card. I know what you’re thinking – a whole ten dollars. Ball out hard, buy a copy of Beowulf: The Game, and hang out with your favorite Fantastic Neighborhood personality.

If you’re planning on coming, tell us in the comments.


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