Fantastic Neighborhood 92 – Format

We decided the format was getting stale so we thought we would shake it up a bit. Prerecorded segments, fewer breaks, a baby changing station. All little things.

In this weeks episode Jon discovers 2012’s FTL and loves it, Fred goes to a speech at NYU about two games from 1993, and we both watch a documentary we like about a tournament from 2011. I need a calendar.

In gameclub we give a fond farewell to Irrational games and the Bioshock series as we play through Burial at Sea part 2. An emotional moment to be sure.

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– Savant – Megaboy
Froggy Fresh- Dunked on
– Snorch – Salacious B Crumb

0:00:00 – Anderson and Ehrhart Game Talent Agency
0:03:16 – Intro(s), and then we talk about some stuff
0:46:18 – Gameclub: The Walking Dead – Season 2: Episode 2

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