Fantastic Neighborhood 91 – Fueding

We have already knocked PGM off the hill, now the question is who’s next? Irrational Passions better watch out.

This week we get our dynotherms connected, infracells up,  and mega Thrusters are go because we love us some mech games! Jon plays Titanfall and Fred Returns to a new and improved Hawken. But we cant always be in front of a monitor, so we play some Lutfrausers and go on and on and on with Bravely Default.

In Gameclub we recant our playthroughs of The Walking Dead – Season 2: Episode 2 and discover that maybe we are not ok with sending an 11 year old out on suicide recon and intel missions.

In our Community section, Harold writes in to tell us how wrong we are. He’s probably right.

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– Savant – Megaboy
– Gwar – Sick of You
– Pro Pain – Weeds (Life of Agony Cover)
– Slapstick – There’s A Metal Head In The Parking Lot
– Skrillex – Ease My Mind with Niki &The Dove

0:00:00 – All the UI
0:01:02 – Intro(s)
0:04:30 – Consumption Junction
0:32:16 – Gameclub: The Walking Dead – Season 2: Episode 2
1:04:02- Harold writes an email

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