Fantastic Neighborhood 90 – What is Game?

Many have asked “What is Game?” Is this game? Are you game? Maybe only game is game. Titanfall is probably game.

This week we talk about South Park: The Stick Of Truth and if it makes us bad people, Tetris Battle Gaiden and why it was never released in the states, and The Wolf Amoung Us episode 2 and once again if it makes us bad people.

In Gameclub we play Today I Die and ponder the deeper meanings of life, poetry, and once again, what is game? We get sorta deep.

We also revisit the developer swap topic with a fan letter and go full game reviewer on his ass.

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– Savant – Megaboy
– Baby Metal – Gimmie Chocolate
– Hernan Rozenwasser – Today I die Soundtrack
– Polysics – Electric Surfin’ Go Go
– Odeszao – My Friends Never Die

0:00:00 – BABIES
0:00:54 – Intro(s)
0:03:54 – Consumption Junction
0:32:55 – Gameclub: Today I die
0:42:49 – Listener (Harold’s) Developer swaps

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