Fantastic Neighborhood 89: Jon’s return. Again.

Jet setter and Worldly traveler Jon Anderson (pictured in post as the Riddler because why not) returns to the show from his trip to the other half of the planet just in time for us to discuss Threes!, Strider, Bravely Default,  Attack on Titan, and Indiecade East.

In gameclub, we read a book. You jelly? You too can read Ready Player One with us and join in the discussion.

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– Savant – Megaboy
– The Rock United – El Loco Punkorocko
– Bravely default OS – He of the name
– Melt Banana – Heiwaboke Crisis
– Barely Alive ft. Spock & Directive – Chasing Ghosts

0:00:00 – Secrets
0:00:36 – Intro(s)
0:03:38 – Consumption Junction
0:45:00 – GameBookclub: Ready Player One
1:06:10- Outro

Linguist, Archeologist, Musical Savant, Robot, Asshat. Only one of these apply to this guy. The host of the show, who also sometimes writes and makes videos!