Fantastic Neighborhood 85: It feels weird

Time changes people, and even though we podcast every week and see each other on the regular, doing a live show is not something that we know how to just jump back into. As evidenced by this episode.

We talk about some of the better stuff we played this year, Jon’s addiction to buying consoles (we count that he bought 7 this year,) how the Vita may not be as awful as we thought, Towerfall, Persona 4 Golden (GROAN) and more. We also check in on our New Years resolutions from last year to see if we stuck to our guns and make some new resolutions for the new year.

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– Savant – Megaboy
– Sublime – Same in the End
– The Beastie Boys – Sabotage
– Francisco Ramírez – Auld Lang Syne (8bit Version)

0:00:00 – Akward set up moment
0:00:36 – Intro
0:02:39 – Consumption Junction
0:49:13 – New Years Resolutions


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