Kickstarter Roundup: Non-traditonal

The name of the game this week is projects that are a bit bold and new, and very much non-traditional.


The “P(l)ay what you want” title

Coin Age
Ends December 21st

I will make no if, ands, or buts about how much I love games that I can play quickly with minimal set up. Just having the ability to play a game while waiting on a line or in a meeting is a life saver at the conventions I frequent, which is why I am now in love with Coin Age.

By the way, did you watch the above video? Stop reading and do that.

The game is super simple and has a ton of depth to it. Like chess levels of depth. And there is a random element so no two games will ever be the same, unless you’re a robot programed to always play the same, playing against another robot. Are you a robot? No? Then no two games will ever be the same.

Also, are you looking for a use for all those cassette tape cases you have in your attic? Break off the two spikes on the inside and BOOM! Instant game travel case.

The game is already funded and well on track to hit all it’s stretch goals. Since it is printing a card, the only risk I can think of associated with this game is probably delays in shipping due to overwhelming support, and with a minimum bid of $3 (you should pay the recomended $5 though you cheap shit,) there is very little reason not to back this .

Also big up’s to Joel Nagy on Kickstarter, who does not yet realize he let me know this was a thing.

Tasty Minstrel Games | Kicktraq | Support the project


The “Part Comic, Part Puzzle, Part Adventure, Part Game” title

Dead Century: Mosaic
Ends January 18th

There is a lot going on here. It’s an adventure game, RPG, Puzzle fighter that also ties into some other app and maybe a comic book or something. I don’t know anymore just watch the video and read the thing.

The setting is all over the place from WW2 to something that looks ripped out of Bioshock looping back around towards The Mummy and making a final stop at a detective pulp. Also Indiana Jones. But what does set this game apart and the reason I would even bring it up in the first place is the art. Look at those illustrations. Like what the fuck is up with this dude:

What the hell dude? Can we be friends?

What the hell dude? Can we be friends? Also does Judge Death know you’re here? What’s Eddy from Iron Maiden like? Is he cool? I bet he’s cool.

The funding just went up so this title has a lot of time to attract attention. It is sadly limited to iOS for the time being with a road map towards Android, but it is being developed in Unity so it really could go any number of places with minimal work.

Rewards include the game, posters and tee Shirts, and the now ubiquitous  “put-yourself-in-the-game-to-varying-degrees-based-on-how-much-you-wanna-spend” reward tier.

Dead Century site | Kicktraq | Support the project


That is the round up for this week. Did you know I’m on Kickstarter. Apparently you can see my stuff here: Pretty cool huh. You know what else is cool, this here podcast thing we do. You should listen to our latest episode. I mean if you’re cool. Your cool right?


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