Kickstarter Roundup: Pixels, Pixels, Pixels

This week in Kickstarter Roundup, we dig on some campaigns that hearken back to a simpler time of graphic fidelity.


The “Why are we still discussing if games are art” title

SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis: Collected Works
Ends December 9th

In 2012 Read-Only Memory published Sensible Software, an art/history book covering the British software company of the same name. It was a successfully funded Kickstarter, and publisher Darren Wall is looking to not only go two for two with kickstarted books but is upping the scale with this new book covering the history of the Sega Mega Drive (Genesis.)

This book will be of a similar over all style to the last release, but looks to go above and beyond its predecessor with massive amounts of original and never before seen content. Exclusive interviews with Sega team members, original concept art sketches, and even technical drawings will all be shown to the public for the first time in this brand new book. Also included is a 10,000 word (that’s a lotta words) foreword by Dave Perry (Founder of Gaikai, Creator of Earthworm Jim and countless others.)

The project is already funded and they already have a successful one behind them, so this is a very low risk kickstarter to jump in on. Reward tiers include copies of the book and thank yous in the footnotes, with a limited to 100 top tier including a limited edition Sonic the Hedgehog archival print, signed and numbered by Sonic creator Naoto Oshima. One warning, prices are in Pounds, so check your conversion rates since the money won’t be taken out of your account until the end of the campaign.


Read-Only Memory
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The “Children of Men” title

Ends December 14th

Friend of the show EdFark was so enthused for this title that he emailed me a write up, unprompted and with no idea of when I would actually be writing this next of these articles. So I’ll let him take it away:

Hey folks, haven’t written an article in ages but here goes..

I wanted to promote a video game (getting kinda annoyed with delays from tabletop games) so this is a bit of a shift in my recent tastes. LISA the painful RPG is a really quirky game that just happened to catch my eye while digging through the list of recent Kickstarter games out there right now. The style is very reminiscent of so many bizarre cartoons and manga and anime like Adventure Time, Battle Angel, and Shin Chan with almost no softness to the characters which is fitting of the setting which you can find here.

The art, the music, the setting and the EXTREME way the choices you make in the game effects future game play really screams originality to me. The Kickstarter is still young (twenty seven days to go as I write this) so it still has some time to make the $7000 it needs to be funded but I’d love to see this game see the light of day and maybe see some friends as the villagers as I play through it!

So, what will you choose, lose your limbs to save your friends? Or let them die to stay strong?

What’s it gonna be?

I am not sure I need to say much more at this point, Ed nailed it. The game takes place in yet another dystopian future setting, but this one is a future where there are no more women and seemingly this is why the world fell into disarray. Also without women, men just become horrible. Just horrible.

Rewards for backers include copies of the games, a backer exclusive tee shirt, and a large list of in game characters you can have modeled after yourself, which begs the question of in a world without women, what happens if a woman backs this? Like Ed mentioned, Villager tier seems to be the place to be right now for us, but Road Warrior sounds tempting.

The game has plenty of time to go but does need some attention to hit critical mass. The funding goal is a not all that ambitious 7k, so I see no reason for a title like this not to make it. We are keeping a close eye on this one.


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Ends December 5th

I realize this is not strictly a gaming title, but god damn it I don’t care. Math the Band has very rapidly been climbing the ranks of my favorite bands over the past year or so and they have only gotten better since the last release. The mix of chiptune, punk, and just crazy energy hits on every level for me and I think for a lot of people, even if they have never heard of them before. If ever there were a band that should be on the PaxEast concert roster, it is MtB.

The new album will also have some guest appearances from WheatusPeelander-Z, and What Cheer? Brigade and if you are familiar with those bands you know how crazy this album will be.

Rewards start with digital copies of the full album, physical copies on CD and Vinyl, tee shirts, comic books and some other physical swag. Higher level tiers include some really cool stuff like a modded NES that they used to perform with, a personal song, and if you live within 250 miles of Providence, Rhode Island, a house party concert (I wish I had a house.)

Not only is the album already funded but it has already met its stretch goal, meaning that this will now be released as a double album. More money at this point means more songs and more rewards, so it is as good a time as any to get involved. Back this album.


Math the Band Homepage:
Math the Band Bandcamp:
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