Fantastic Neighborhood 81: We don’t have an intro

We don’t really have an intro, and we don’t need no stinking intro.

Fred decides to burn a bunch of bridges in this episode, as he goes back in time and plays Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening DX. Not wanting to be left out, Jon then trashes Marvel Puzzle Quest. but not all is lost as the demo for the Stanley Parable is amazing. You should play this.

In Gameclub, the Rust Crew has a grown up conversation about gun vending machines, racism allegories, and strange product placement. Sounds like we finished Binary Domain. Spoiler, it’s way more in-depth then we ever thought it would be.

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– Savant – Megaboy
– Atom and his package – Punk Rock Academy
– Propagandhi – Ska sucks
– The World Inferno Friendship Society – Zen and the art of breaking everything in this room
– Skrillex and Alvin Risk – TRY IT OUT (NEON MIX)

0:00:00 – Not an intro
0:00:35 – Also not an Intro
0:06:49 – Consumption Junction
0:51:46 – Game Club: Binary Domain Part 2
1:16:31 – The Outro

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