Fantastic Neighborhood 80: We got $1,400

Jon is making it rain with frequent flyer miles on this episode.

This week, Jon gets his racing game on with Forza 4, Auto Modelista, and Initial D…. Yes, Initial D. Fred watches a bunch of movies, and then both the hosts talk about Pokemon as if they have been living on Mars for the last 15 years. Jon wants a Pikachu.

In Gameclub our Rust Crew forms up to talk about the oncoming Hollow Child menace, and if the real villain this whole time… WAS MAN! Or we just play part one of Binary Domain.

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– Savant – Megaboy
– Röyksopp – Happy Up Here
– Madcap – Keep Dancin’
– Binary Domain Original Soundtrack – Robot Spider Escape
– Pixel Fist – Fub Dunk

0:00:00 – Spooktacular 2
0:02:08 – Intro
0:05:37 – Consumption Junction
0:46:47 – Game Club: Binary Domain Part 1
1:04:01 – The Outro
1:06:17 – Wubs and Outtakes (wubtakes?)

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