Kickstarter Roundup: Hosts pick

This week in our kickstarter roundup, we talk about picks that the hosts are personally excited about.


Freds Pick: The “Actual Fantasty Football” title

Mutant Football League
Ends October 16th

I (Fred) audibly squealed when I heard this was happening. The original Mutant League Football on Genesis was one of the first and only football games I ever cared about and being an exclusive title one of the reasons to buy a Genesis over a SNES (Shining Force and Phantasy Star being the others.)

The game takes place in a post apocalypse world where mutants and the undead play sports (Not unlike now.) The game featured a large roster of parody teams which lampooned the NFL line up around the time when it came out (93.) You could kill and dismember other players, bribe the refs, and even die by stepping on a landmine during a play. It makes me long for a time when you could actually look at the quarterback during play without getting a roughing the passer call. The game was popular enough that it spawned a Hockey title and a hyper violent Saturday morning cartoon show. Seriously this clip has it all, shitty early 90s CGI, decapitation, and head volleyball.

The games creator Michael Mendheim wanted to revisit his original creation, and since EA let the copyright expire, he has decided to do so through Kickstarter. Since it is a new title that in his mind is just an homage to the original, he decided to rename it Mutant Football league (clever) to separate the two. Guess what Mike, you’re not fooling anyone, we know what game it is.

Rewards for the game include copies of the title on different platforms, a digital soundtrack, exclusive in-game content, clothing, trading cards, and at the top end the ability to insert yourself into the game.

The title was written up in this months Game Informer but still seems to be lacking the publicity it needs, and with a lofty goal of $750K to get funded, it does run the risk of not making it. Which would be really sad because true “fantasy” sports are something the video game industry is sorely lacking in right now. FUND THIS TITLE.

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Jons Pick: The “Neon Pixels” title

Hyper Light Drifter
Ends October 12th

Hotline Miami has forever and irrevocably altered, influenced, and defined Jon’s perception of what games should look like in a profound and sometimes unseemly way. As a result he now loves pastels and neon pixel art. This game delivers that.

The games setting is some sorta of Neo-Dystopian techno future that also happens to have Shadow of the Colossus Colossi (is that right?) and tons of neon. Splash in a little Diablo, Zelda, and just the smallest pinch of Journey. And I would be lying if I said i didn’t get just a small bit of Strider. Gameplay seems to be mostly 3/4s view open world zelda-ing (also probably not right) but the finer point of the gameplay and mechanics are still a bit TBD it looks like.

The thing that stands out about this title and probably the reason it has gotten such a big bump in it’s backers and the attention of the press is the unique art style and color pallet, as well as the music. If the titles music is as atmospheric as the trailer for it makes it seem its going to be a delight to listen to.

Rewards for backers include copies of the games, some physical rewards like an art book, digital rewards like being able to contribute to the games sprite designs, and at the top level an invite to the wrap party.

The game is already way more than funded (over 1000% as of this writing) and shows no sign of stopping. Added stretch goals may be enough incentive for people to want to jump on this title as it will add content and physical rewards. If you are anything like Jon (please no) then you probably already backed this title, but it’s not to late to jump on board for this one.


So these are the titles the hosts picked! You know what else we always pick, is our latest episode where we do talk a little about Mutant Football League as well. Come back next week (or maybe month, who the hell knows) for a new Kickstarter Roundup!

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