Fantastic Neighborhood 77: With Child

Apparently we have a lovechild, and it’s not this show.

On this episode we watch I am Street Fighter, go to PAX Prime, get confused and angry at Project X Zone, anxiously await Grand Theft Auto V, and get our monthly dose of Vin Diesel. How much did you do this week?

In Gameclub we play Murder Pikmen (Overlord) and question why.

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Savant – Megaboy
Kollektivet – Compliments
Ylvis – The Fox
White Zombie – Super Charger Heaven
Beta Club Field Trip – We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together (Chiptune cover)

0:00:00 – Cold Open
0:01:00 – Intro
0:05:55 – Consumption Junction
0:44:20 – Game Club: Overlord
0:56:34 – The Outro

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