Kickstarter Roundup: Pro Showcase

This week in our kickstarter roundup, some old time gaming veterans return with new projects.


The “Mighty Man” title

Mighty No.9
Ends October 1st

This game promises to be Mega… Man!

We are not sure what to think about this title. It is being sold as the next incarnation of the Mega Man style side scroller. It looks gorgeous (from the concept screens,) And certainly if it plays like classic mega man we will love the game play.

That’s the good stuff. The bad is that this game is potentially just more of exactly the same. It’s Megaman. Made by the Megaman team. Concepted by the creator of Mega Man. When Kenji Inafune left Capcom to start Comcept, it was to not be held to making games that Capcom wanted, but to make the titles he wanted. I guess the title he wanted to make was Mega Man.

If I was a copyright lawyer right now I think I would be having a field day. “So let me get this straight.” I would say. “It”s a totally new game, a side scrolling shooter that takes place in the future? With a blue robot hero with a gun arm and a helmet thing going on who absorbs enemy powers (4:23 in the video), a red robot dog sidekick (4:30 in the video), and Cutman (seriously, what else would you call the guy at 4:34.). I can imagine no conceivable way this could possibly infringe on any other IP that you don’t own right now.”

That all aside the thing is already funded so I guess we will see what happens. Rewards include copies of the game, tee shirts, art books, and getting a piece of your personality represented in the game (VO clips or digital translation of your image.)

This title is already positioned to be the most successful video game project on Kickstarter. It will most likely beat doublefines funding within a few days and perhaps reach Ouya levels of funding before long.

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The “Unexpected Must Have” pick

Shantae: Half-Genie Hero
Ends Oct 4th

WayForward makes some great and fun to play games. From recent Nostalgia inducing hits like Double Dragon Neon and DuckTales Remastered to show favorite Aliens: Infestation, the company has a pretty great track record when it comes to licenced titles. But what about originals?

Shantae is WayForwards attempt at a franchise. There are already two handheld titles featuring the Half-Genie, with a third upcoming title, most of which you probably had never heard of before this kickstarter. A 2D action platformer, Shantae hair whips her way through levels and bad guys with her magically empowered ponytail, and when that does not work can use her selection of magical dances or transform into an animal (oh Videogames, will your whimsy never cease.)

Rewards include all the stuff we have come to expect from these sorts of titles. Game downloads, art books, get your face in the game sorta stuff.

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Old Pros returning and asking for your money. Sounds like what we should be doing on our latest episode, except we just give it away!


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