Kickstarter Roundup: Solicitation

You know what feels great? When your articles about Kickstarter projects get enough attention that people reach out to you with their projects looking for support and promotions. And we are happy to help!

All the titles this week are from people who reached out to us with their titles with active Kickstarter campaigns. Rest assured, there will be more.


The “Evokes a Kid Chameleon vibe” title

Waking Amy
Ends September 1st

A 2.5D platformer, Waking Amy totally reminds me of Kid Chameleon with a little bit of Psychonauts, and that is a good thing for sure. Amy is a girl stuck in a coma who traverses different dream states (levels) as various incarnations of herself, each seeming with different powers and feel to them. The game play is 2D puzzle platforming but it seems to do a lot of interesting things with perspective. Totally off the topic but based on the artistic direction this game is taking it would probably look great in 3D.

The kickstarter funding will be used to help the very small developer group further fund the game and take it out of alpha status and into a final produced game. They have a graph on the site that lays out where it’s all going.

Project goals and rewards include your fairly standard DRM free copy of the game. As you move up the reward tiers, which are not really that far up the dollar scale, you start seeing some very cool stuff like helping to design ingame assets. The top tier allows you to design an alternate ending, so all you people who had issue with Mass Effect 3s ending can put your money where your mouth is now!

The project is about a 3rd of the way to funding but still has plenty of time to go.

Support the project
The developer website:


The “Indie Zelda” pick

Sword ‘N’ Board
Ends Sept 6th

To say this one does not remind a person of Zelda is to say that water is not wet. The game is a top down 3/4s perspective adventure game with an emphasis on exploration and puzzle solving. It also rewards being imaginative, which the developer feels is something that has been lacking in games as of recent.

You play as Sidd, a young kid who has to traverse an imaginary world to find the pieces of his video game console. You do so by fighting monsters (like Zelda,) collecting items (like Zelda,) solving puzzles (like Zelda,) and traversing a high fantasy world (you know, like Zelda.) The game has a cardboard cutout aesthetic which I really do like, with things all taped together and kinda haphazard looking. Most of it is trying to evoke the whole kids imagination thing, which has been done before, but this one is pretty impressive looking. More so when you realize this is coming from a team of one.

That is right, this game is being made solely by one person and it already looks leagues above most titles of this level. Gotta respect that, and really isn’t that what kick starter is all about supporting? This game is already so far ahead compared to so many kickstarters that he is even offering a public,, playable beta right on the page.

Rewards are mostly for in-game credits and DRM free copies at the lower levels. Higher level rewards (once again, not all that much higher) include some really cool things like getting to design in-game assets and getting secret treasure rooms designed by you all the way to becoming a producer with actual input in game development.

The game needs some love as it just got listed, but the goal of $7,500 is not all that high a target for the community. The same community mind you who will gladly give $300 bucks for a game and a shirt to some other company that does not need your money. Help out a one man gaming machine here people.

Support the project:
Development Blog:


That is all for this week, though some special shoutouts are in order.

Check out They are doing a really great thing by encouraging successful and funded Kickstarters to pay the generosity forward to other projects in exchange for free promotion and sharing the pledge. It’s a great non profit idea to really help encourage the growth of the crowd funding movement and can really help some of the smaller projects accomplish something.

And speaking of underfunded projects, maybe you should check out the latest episode of the show we do here HUH?


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