Fantastic Neighborhood 74: Groking a Shmup

Those are sorta real words. Remember guys, its not the length of the podcast that matters, it’s the girth. And this one is girthy…. with awesome.

On this episode Fred is only 4 months late to Bioshock Infinite, but remember, late to one mans game is early for its DLC. Fred also gets his streetpass on in a big way with four (three) new streetpass games on 3DS.

In gameclub, Fred talks about the finer points of the apocalypse and zombies. No it’s not the walking dead, this week we played Deadlight!

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– Savant – Megaboy (Original Mix)
– Big D and the kids table – Good Luck
– Spring Heeled Jack – Addicted
– Killbot – Sound Surgery

0:00:00 – News reel
0:03:00 – Intro
0:03:53 – Consumption Junction
0:20:37- Game Club: The Walking Dead – 400 Days
0:31:17- The Outro

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