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Have you ever hated a game with such vigor it becomes the motivating force in your life? Just wondering. In this episode Fred plays Project X Zone for several hours, and he is almost past the tutorial levels. In our new segment, we get Googles take on famous video game speeches.

Game club this week is Sunday Morning RPG. Get your Trapper Keepers ready.

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– Savant – Megaboy (Original Mix)
Project X Zone – Silent Approach
– Unicorn Kid – Pure Space
– Flobots – Handlebars
– EXCISION and DATSIK – Deviance

0:00:00 – An opening news event
0:02:26 – Intro
0:03:32 – Consumption Junction
0:19:10 – Google take on famous video game speeches
0:29:10- Game Club: Sunday Morning RPG
0:41:41- The Outro

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