Fantastic Neighborhood 68: Tigon vs. Liger

We know that Vin Diesel week was last week, though it seems to have stayed with us a bit.

In this emotionally charged episode, Jon has some very important news. In Consumption junction we talk about Fast 6 on iOs, Project X Zone, Star Trek: Into Darkness, Shitty pop being the new punk rock, New York Radio stations, and much much more. We kinda go places.

In Hype Banana cluster, we talk about some upcoming titles, some of which may have Dubstep guns in them, and some tragic news of an untimely gaming related death. Finally gameclub sees us return to Butcher bay, only to try to escape once more.


  • Savant – “Megaboy – Original Mix”
  • I Fight Dragons – Heads up, Hearts Down
  • Taylor Swift – 22
  • Ludacris – Get Back
  • Public Enemy – Fight The Power
  • Destroid – Funk hole


0:00:00 – Cold open
0:01:35 – Intro and some news
0:09:00 – Consumption (tangent) Junction
0:42:00 – Hype Banana Club and an obituary
0:58:16 – Game Club: Escape from Butcher Bay part 2
1:15:52 – The Outro

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