Kickstarter Pick of the Week: Video Games: The Movie

Video Games: The Movie
Ends June 18

While the name is pure generic junk, the production value on this project look great. The creator, Jeremy Snead, had already shot the film and is looking to Kickstarter for help with post production and distribution. The film sets out to show the history of video games and the evolution of gaming culture. It’s fairly broad, and it looks inoffensive, but if well executed this project could be great Sunday afternoon Netflix fodder. Show it to your parents or friends who aren’t reading Polygon everyday, but mess around with Tiny Wings.

The main reasons VG: The Movie is my pick of the week is because it seems to be brimming with positivity. Last week’s pick, GTFO, is important for shedding light on a shitty aspect of our community. This project is covering the history, culture, business, and the future – and seeks to dispel some myths about “gamers.” Sure, some assholes who play CoD are abusive racist homophobes, but as anyone who’s been to PAX can attest, there’s a lot of love here. Help this guy bring his project to the mainstream.


Quick Picks:

The NES Club
Ends June 21
Another film, but in this one a couple of bros want to drive around and buy all 700+ NES games. Kind of a questionable premise, but it could be a great look at the history and importance of the NES. For nostalgia/NES junkies. Definitely avoid if you were that one weird kid in elementary school who had a Master System.

Space Monsters Love Bullets
Ends June 11
Ok, so it’s kind of like Space Invaders, but with upgrades to your weapons. Add in some resource management and you’ve got a pretty standard free to play game. Oh, did I mention you have to keep the guy bringing you bullets happy? So add in some virtual pet elements. It looks kind of neat, and as long as the F2P elements are gouging it could be a fun commuting distraction.

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