Fantastic Neighborhood 65: In space, no one can hear you SHRED


Jon is out this week so our good pal C.J. Kershner joins the Hood!

This week, we get deep into Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon – where it works and where it doesn’t. We talk a lot about the inner workings of the game industry, so this is good for all you guys who like to look behind the curtain. Then we move on to things we are hyped for… In our Banana Phone segment.

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0:00:00 – Cold open
0:00:46 – Intro
0:02:59 – Consumption Junction
0:34:03 – Banana Phone
1:04:30 – Game Club: Duke Nukem Forever part 2
1:33:38 – The Outro, Some Dubstep, and outtakes




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