Kickstarter Roundup: Hurry The Hell Up Edition

This week’s theme is hurry up and fund these projects. That goes for last week, too; most of them are in danger of missing their funding goals.

Pick of the Week

GTFO: A Film About Women in Gaming
Ends May 10 (Hurry Up!)

Believe it or not, people who play games online can sometimes be hostile towards others. Female gamers can take the brunt of this abuse. If this comes as a shock, you might be part of the problem. At last year’s PAX East, I attended the panel for Fat, Ugly, or Slutty and while the content wasn’t surprising, it was no less disgusting. GTFO aims to bring some of the repulsive online behavior to light in a documentary film. I’m sure the horrible comments and harassment that Anita Sarkeesian faced, but the filmmakers deserve our support.

OMG Pretty Pick

The Realm
Ends May 22

The Realm has some pedigree behind it and looks gorgeous. The gameplay seems to be pretty standard point-and-click fare, but if you’re looking for something with amazing art direction, check this out.

Oh Look, More Pixel Art

Ends May 22

Gradius meets Metroid with cutesy pixel art is the sell. Seems like that could describe 52% of the games on Kickstarter. But that’s not what hooked me. At 2:48 in the embedded video, he makes fun of those terrible “Come play, my lord” ads for Evony.Here. Take my $10.

Fuck These Racist Assholes Anti-Pick

Ghettopoly Board Game Reprint
Ends May 11

Ghettopoly is a racist take on Monopoly. It was pulled from shelves at the one horrible store that stocked it (Urban Outfitters). The creator lost a suit to Hasbro and the game is banned for sale on eBay. How it passed muster on Kickstarter is beyond me. Under no circumstance should you give these losers money.

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