A Proposal for Physical Media


I think we all know deep down in our collective heart of hearts that physical media is the next dinosaur on the technology chopping block. For me, it can’t come fast enough. Environmentalists want less plastic shit in the world, game makers want to better control distribution and eliminate used sales, but what’s in it for us? What’s in it for the average gamer?

The numero uno reason why physical media needs to disappear is simple: I am lazy. A lot of people are lazy. Gamers (especially us American-types), shockingly enough, are lazy. If I am currently engaged with a title and I’m confronted with the option of trying a new game but have to get out of my seat to change the disk, I will wait. I will wait until I am either done with the current game or I don’t care about the new title. Ever keep watching the same channel because you don’t know where the remote is, same shit. I am that lazy.

I have missed entire game series because of my unwillingness to change the disk. Resident evil 5 and 6? Skipped it cause I was playing something else. Syndicate? Yea I could go back to it but why bother, I would have to change the disk. Assassins Creed? They honestly look crappy, but I was busy with other games, so I don’t think I want to start now.

I don’t have this problem on my PC. Everything is a click away and I will bounce between Hawken, Magic Online and Facebook games at a moment’s notice.

AAA developers and platform makers should take note of this, because the window to sell titles at full price only seems to be about a month long. If I can’t be bothered to play Bioshock: Infinite on release day because I’m playing Gears of War: Judgement, and it’s just too hard for my lazy ass to switch disks, why wouldn’t I wait for a price break to buy my copy? I didn’t even finish Gears before it dropped to $40 on Amazon, and Bioshock is now down to $50.

So there you go. Laziness should be the driving force that propels gaming technology to the next level. I would write more, but the window is running out of space and I don’t feel like scrolling.

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