Fantastic Neighborhood 62: More Indie than You with Cassie Chui


We are joined this week by special guest Cassie Chui, level designer from the upcoming ElectronicSuperJoy!

In Consumption Junction, Cassie describes what it’s like to be a masochist by means of Monster Hunting, we have an impromptu therapy session with Jon’s rampant Fire Emblem addiction, and Fred FINALLY beats Gears (and gets punchy about it). We also talk about Badland, Injustice, and Poker Night at the Inventory!

We have a bit of a Q and A with Cassie about how she got involved with ESJ, what its like to be an indie level designer, and when we can play the game!

In Game Club, Fred tries to regale us with his gamer injury story and we talk about The Silent Age on iOS. Next weeks game club is Star Seed Pilgrim!

NOTE: At some point we had an audio “flub” where this commercial gets played over Cassie. We will try to fix but not sure if we can, so our bad 🙁 We decided to leave it in because we did not want to cut Cassies audio.





0:00:00 – Cold open
0:01:01 – Introducing Cassie Chu, and talking about games
0:39:04 – Cassie Chu and Electronic Super Joy
0:57:48 – Gameclub – The Silent Age
1:07:42 – The Outro
1:16:05 –  Dubstep and outtakes




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