Fantastic Neighborhood 61: Canceled Desserts


The episode title and image make no sense until the end, but they are funny. Promise.

Jon and Fred had to Skype the show this episode, but since we are just so super-pro, I’ll bet you can’t even tell. Topics of discussion include how to raise a family with a dead wife (in Fire Emblem), why the mindless berzerkers of Gears of War: Judgement may be a bit too mindless, and Jon’s apprehension towards DLC for Bioshock: Infinite. Jon also shares his list of shame with us, including Dragon’s Crown.

In Gameclub we play Evoland and enjoy the hell out of it. Next week’s game is The Silent Age.





0:00:00 – Cold open
0:01:03 – Us talking about games
0:43:45 – Spring fighter coverage with Chris Gsell
0:49:22 – Gameclub
0:59:54 – The Outro
1:04:50 – Power Rangers Dubstep and outro




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