Fantastic Neighborhood Podcast Episode 4

Jon starts off grumpy and yet the show goes on. Fred fakes it with Gotham City Impostors, gets bewildered by Asura’s Wrath, and phones in a quick impression of Vessel. Jon is busy saving the galaxy in various Mass Effect 3 and spends his subway rides with his old friend Lunar. A discussion of DRM is followed by out game club game this week, The Stanley Parable.

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This week’s music:

  • Bookshelf – “Song for Jo” Link 
  • Clover – “Stockade” Link
  • Nine Inch Nails – “Ghosts I, Track 6” from The Stanley Parable
  • Dead Channels – “Conversion Syndrome” Link 
  • Adventure Club – “Do I See Color” Link

0:00:00 Intro
0:01:35 Latest and Greatest
0:23:45 Conversation: DRM
0:56:00 Game Club: The Stanley Parable
1:10:40 Closing time, letters, next week’s Game Club



Co-host of the show, video game archivist and historian, UI specialist, and name dropper. Jon Anderson is one of the founding members of Fantastic Neighborhood.