Fantastic Neighborhood 59: Making Our Dreams Come True


This week we leave our jobs at the Shclitz factory and make a videogame podcast. We talk Gears, Bioshock, Vector, and Archer Live. Game club for this week and next is Miasmata.

As always, you can reach us at, or by calling 720.HOODIE.6 (720.466.3436). Follow FredJon, & the show on Twitter, and like us on FacebookSubscribe and rate us on iTunes.

Music this week is provided by Murder By Death’s awesome Kickstarter-funded covers album. You should buy it. Dubstep is provided by Hadouken!.

Cold open
0:01:32 First segment
0:53:26 Second Segment
0:57:00 Game Club: Miasmata
1:16:43 Outro and community
1:28:46 Dubstep and cutting room floor





Co-host of the show, video game archivist and historian, UI specialist, and name dropper. Jon Anderson is one of the founding members of Fantastic Neighborhood.