Kickstarter Roundup: Retro & Bros Edition

Welcome to the first installment of what will (hopefully) be a weekly roundup of notable Kickstarter projects. Some of these will be of admittedly dubious quality, but sometimes you have to roll the dice. Without further ado, my weekly picks:

For Realzies Picks of the Week

Revive Retronauts
Ends April 21

Retronauts is a podcast about old games. That’s it. If you want to hear about warm childhood memories, or live vicariously through the rich kids who had Genesises AND SNESes, this is the show for you. The long-running show was cancelled due to the demise of 1Up, but they’re coming back and coming back big.

Jeff Cannata’s New Show
Ends April 4

Did you like the Totally Rad Show? You should, it was rad. Host Jeff Cannata is taking it to the streets to fund his new project, and I couldn’t help but bite, if only for a buck. The positivity that Jeff brings to the nerdy media circuit is to be admired. Plus, look at that chiseled jawline.


Ends April 12

Consortium is an almost finished roll playing game in a sci-fi setting. Yes, this is a boring setup and the art is pretty basic, but some of the concepts the developers are talking about are really interesting. Virtual lives matter? You can stabilize enemy combatants? Whimsical space soundtrack? Ok, I’m in.


The “Eh, why the fuck not” Pick of the Week

Reflux: The New World
Ends April 12

Everything about this looks low-rent, but it reminded me of some of the shitty PC RPGS I would bootleg in middle school on my 386. The guy seems really excited about it, and if my ten bucks can help his dream come true, than I’m satisfied.


The “They sound like the bros who call me a f***** while I’m playing Halo” Pick of the Week

Button Mashers
Ends April 20

These guys want five grand so they can hang out this summer and play games. I’m not giving them shit, but if you want to hear them giggling and yelling’ “Oh shit, bro!” over gameplay video, go for it.

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